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Oscars Celebrity Suite 2017

Zachary Haven - Bastards, Airplane vs. Volcano, Criminal Minds

Vincent De Paul - Poseidon, Hitch, Hairspray

Pol Atteu - Costume Designer - Forever Plaid, Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole, Life & Death of Anna Nicole - Patrik Simpson - Modeling Agent - Tess Brousard - Actress - Kroll Show, Irreversible Ex wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Tara-Nicole Azarian - 5 Telly Award Winner, Nerdtabulous

Sigal Hillel - FunJetSetter

Savannah Kennick - Model & Actress - Holidays

Sarah Kay Jolly - The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, Preacher and Ninja Quest

Sandi Margolis - Realtor To The Stars

Prince Maximillian Ferinand - Prinz of Germany

Preity Uupala - Miss India, Actress, Brand Ambassador

Phil Brock - Manager & Actor

Kristof Deak & Anna Udvarty - Oscar Winner for Live Action Short Film "Sing"

Maria Elena Infantino - Stargo, The Admired, Hell or Hot Sauce

Laci Kay- Singer and Actress - Midlife, The Golden Plates, Modern Family


Maria Russell - Lights Out, Southland, Criminal Minds, Trophy Wife, CSI, Lawless Range

Kim Phillips

Kim Morgan Greene- The Colby's, Another World, Miss Congeniality

Elizabeth Ellen Webster - Johnny Come Lately, Tri, A Mini Movie

Samira Kazemeni- Host/Producer

Amber Romero - Further Instructions, Clique Wars, Future-Worm

Hunter Payton - A to Z, Who's Driving Doug, Father's Day Breakfast

George Bloodwell - Fashion/Costume Designer - Dresses A-Listers, Note the Black Pearl necklace he is wearing, which was made for Johnny Depp's character in Pirates of the Caribbean

Erin Murphy - Tabitha on Bewitched, Life Interrupted, Deadly Fighters

Dustin Quick with our friend and Jewelry Designer/Owner of Obelo Jewelry Okana Belo - Dustin Quick - Model and Actress

Dawn Wells - Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island

Ciara Wilson - Dancer, Actress - Disney, Nickelodeon and DreamWorks TV

Joey Luthman - Hawaii Five-O, Last Man Standing, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy Chad Roberts - Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Cougar Town, Plane White Tee

Buddy Jordan Horowitz - La La Land - Producer

Brando Eaton - Dexter, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Zoey

Alice Akoi - Actress and Producer, Bond, Masters of Illusion, The Bold and the Beautiful

Ajay Metha - Spider Man, G.I. Joe, Serendipity