• Fine and/or Thin Hair??
    Fine or Thin Hair??
    AIRess Is Your Answer
  • Mocha Dark Brown Hair Extensions Queen C Hair
    Thick, Glamorous, Gorgeous Hair
    18", 20" & 22"
  • Balayage Hair Extensions Queen C Hair
    High Fashion Balayage Hair
    18" & 20"
  • Long Ash Blonde Hair Extensions Queen C Hair
    Voluptuous, Long, Thick Hair
    18", 20" & 22"


This Valentine's Day is All About You

Valentine's Day is a great holiday and all... but not for everyone. Hate the hype? This year, we are dedicating Valentine's Day to YOU! When is the last time you did something for yourself? Treat yourself this year. Whether you are single or not, it is important to remember to love on yourself every once in a while.
Below is a list of things to pamper yourself with this Valentine's Day, so kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself!!
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Are You Good With You? - From the Heart of a Queen

What is the inner you? If there were no social media would you be ok with yourself?! How you treat people, do you do things just to make a “post”. Do you think the world is truly that interested in you? I have had to ask myself these questions also. If we truly knew how little people think about us once they scroll past that picture that took us 20 shots and 10 filters to get, we may not waste so much time doing it.
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2018 IS the Year for Confidence

You always hear people say, "confidence is key!".  Sure, everyone knows that and uses the phrase whether they mean it or not.  Confidence can be a difficult thing to come by though (especially after the few extra holiday pounds, am I right??), and every single person that walks this earth struggles with it in some degree.  The good news?  There are so many ways to boost your confidence from positive thinking to even things that make you feel beautiful on the outside, too.
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