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Practice Yoga to Benefit Your Hair?

April Wilson

Posted on July 08 2017

What are the characteristics of gorgeous hair? Gorgeous hair is shiny, strong, easy to manage, and compliments all of your other beautiful qualities, including your confidence! The first step to getting that gorgeous hair is to know that your hair is supported from inside and outside of the body!

You may already love yoga for the strength, balance, and flexibility it provides, but what if I told you it could also help you have healthier hair too? Yoga, with it’s focus on breathing, increasing oxygen flow, and inverting the body, can improve and support a healthy scalp and hair growth. If you haven’t yet tried yoga, or your mat is tucked into the back of your closet, I encourage you to wait no longer to give it a try! Let’s take a look at how regular exercise, like yoga, can maximize you and your lovely locks!

breathe yoga article Queen C Hair

Yoga and your hair:

Yoga is well known for its many health benefits, like encouraging balanced breathing, increasing blood flow, lowering stress, relieving fatigue, and assisting in balanced sleep; all of which benefit healthy hair. From attending a group yoga class to practicing postures in your own home, the benefits can easily be yours. A simple 15 to 20 minute session of stretching and breathing is all it takes.

According to the article, Yoga for Hair Growth and to Stop Hair Loss, “All forward bending yoga pos- tures enhance blood circulation in the head or the crown region, which in turn nourishes the roots of the hair. As a result, one can observe the changes in the tresses over a period of time. You have to practice them with consistence though, if you are to get results.” So, finding some time to incorporate a self-care routine, like yoga poses, can do much for you, your mind, body, and that includes your hair!

When looking at a wholistic healthy lifestyle, by eating a healthy diet, the practice of yoga aids in the digestion of those nutrient-packed foods. Many yoga postures help to aid in the function of your diges- tive system. Proper digestion, in turn supports our bodies in accessing the nutrients in foods, and those nutrients work to support the health of our hair!

Where to Begin?

As with many physical activities, the practice of yoga, reduces our stress and anxiety, supporting the health of our hair. Minimal time, like something as short as a 15 to 20 minutes practice can bring a bet- ter perspective or outlook on life, making you more relaxed and better prepared for what the future holds, making for a healthier you! The simplicity of the breath to calm the nervous system justifies a simple 10 to 15 minute yoga practice.

What poses are most beneficial for hair? Some suggested postures associated with improving hair are standing foward fold, rabbit pose, camel pose, downward facing dog, cobra pose and shoulder stand. All of these postures should be done with care, and possibly under the guidance of a certified instructor. To see the postures performed check out 6 Poses for Hair Growth by LexiYoga.

Standing Forward Fold 

Standing forward Fold


Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog


Camel Pose

Camel Pose




Rabbit PoseRabbit Pose

cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

standing shoulder pose

Shoulder Stand Pose


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