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About Us

Queen C herself has been an extension specialist for over 18 years and a hairstylist for over 26 years. During this time she has worked with the best hair, worst hair and everything in between. With this experience comes much knowledge and expertise. Taking all the compliments, complaints and suggestions that she has received over the years, Queen C wanted to produce a product that is superior in quality and luxury while also meeting the needs of a variety of people. After much time, study, research and hands-on testing, Queen C Hair Extensions was created.

Queen C Hair Extensions is made of Top Grade, 100% Double Drawn (thick from top to bottom) Remy Human Hair.

Whether you want “movie star” glamour, a little extra fullness, a different style or just a pop of color, Queen C Hair Extensions has something to meet your desires.

When thinking of a name for this company, I wanted one that actually had meaning to me, not just a "catchy" or "trendy" one.  The name "Queen C" originated from a group of girls that I have had the pleasure of being their stylist for years.  After their hair appointments, they always say to each other "I just left from seeing the Master, Queen C". This became a common phrase among them and caught on with others.  These girls have always had a special place in my heart and have had a huge impact on my pressing forward and believing that this would one day be a reality.  


What can Queen “C” mean to you?… CONFIDENCE (a feeling of self assurance), CAPTIVATING (attract attention like never before), COLOR (when you don’t want to use chemicals on your hair but want a new look or added “pop”), CHARM (turning on the magic), CLASSY (high class elegance), CHIC (stylish, fashionable), or simply CHANGE (New “Do”, New You).

Thank You for allowing us to help bring out the Queen that is in you. Welcome to our Royal Family!