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Welcome To Our Royal Family

Cheryl Whitt

Posted on November 10 2015

We are so thrilled to share with you our Queen C Custom Clip-In Hair Extensions, Braids, and accessories. We strive to provide you the best quality of hair on the market and our goal is to reach every need for every hair type.

Some of our variations of Queen C Hair are:

-Crown Jewels Collection, which is perfect for anyone who wants luxurious volume and length for the ultimate style.

-AIRess Collection is perfect for anyone with fine and/or thin hair and for someone who just wants some added volume but not necessarily such bold thickness or length. They provide a natural amount of volume to make your hair like the hair you used to have or would just like to have.

-Balayage Collection is one of the most popular and beautiful hair styles. Now you can achieve this look without putting chemicals on your own hair.

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