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15 Wedding Day Hacks Every Bridal Party Needs to Know

Savannah Sneed

Posted on July 23 2018

Tis the season… wedding season, that is! We compiled the most informative, helpful list of ways possible to make yours or a loved one’s big day go as smooth as possible and without a hitch (pun not intended)

If you are a soon to be bride or are even a bridesmaid in a wedding coming up- keep this list handy as a guide to your getting ready for the perfect day. You just may need a few of these tips to get you through the day stress-free!
  • Don’t wash your hair! Not only does dirty hair (slept-in dirty, NOT oily) hold better, but the natural oils in your hair make it look shiny and healthy.


  • What if someone comes in with squeaky clean hair? No worries- just spray some dry shampoo into the hair to give it some grip and texture!


  • Wearing an updo? Bring an extra toothbrush! If you have fly aways, especially around your hairline, spray a little hairspray on the toothbrush and come down the little hairs without sacrificing the hard work put into your gorgeous style.


  • updo


  • Once an hour- check for excessive oiliness on your face. If you start seeing more shine than you would prefer, blot with some toilet paper or tissue paper for a quick fix without smudging your makeup.


  • This one may seem little, but it is very important! Designate one person in the bridal party to bring necessities like bobby pins and hairspray, and another to bring things like lipstick and deodorant. It is never fun (especially for a hot summer/fall wedding) when the hair stylist leaves and you need a quick fix for your hair and you are without bobby pins and hairspray. The deodorant is a must, too!


  • No makeup setting spray? That’s okay because someone definitely has hairspray, and you can use that as a quick setting spray when all else fails. 


  • makeup spray


  • There is always at least one bridesmaid who waits to paint their fingernails or toenails until wedding day. If they wait longer than they really needed to, speed up their nail dry time by having them dip their fingers in ice cold water. This will speed up the drying process and keep the nail color from smudging.


  • nails


  • Most makeup artists use this trick, but in the case that the whole wedding party opts to do their own makeup, definitely stock up on waterproof mascara! Not only will it obviously come in handy for the teary eyed, but for those hot days as well. Sweating is one of the number one reasons you look like a raccoon after a hot day outside.


  • Make your perfume last all day by spraying it in all the right places. That would be behind your ears, the inside of your elbow, and even in your hair.


  • perfume


  • Bring. The. Lotion. Not much looks worse in wedding photos than dry skin! Bring your favorite moisturizer and pass that baby around when doing your final touch ups before heading down the aisle.


  • Remember that deodorant we talked about, yeah it is about to come in handy again.. prevent blisters on your feet by applying it to the heels and any toes that might be at risk. (We obviously recommend a spray on deodorant to keep any germs from being transferred)


  • It is also common that at least one person gets something-somehow- on their bridesmaid dress. Keep baby wipes with you to clean up the mishap asap to prevent staining.


  • Wear a button up shirt while getting ready so you won’t smudge your makeup, or move your hair too much when changing from your normal clothes to your dress.


  • Be careful with the alcohol. If you are toasting with mimosas while getting ready, make sure to also drink just as much water.  (This is a day you want to remember!)


  • mimosa


  • Remember to take it all in. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or a loved one there for their big day, remember to take a deep breath, look around, and pause for a moment you will always remember.
We hope this helps for your wedding or any wedding coming up you are a part of. Share this blog with someone you know who is getting married!

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