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Love Yourself, For Yourself

Savannah Sneed

Posted on September 17 2018

Isn't it amazing, really, how one single thought can change your day or week? Especially when we are going through some stuff. And we all do. But sometimes, it can be one kind or hateful word that changes our entire day, or even week. Not this week, girlfriend. We have a challenge for you.

Today, (because one day at a time...) we want you to change your way of thinking. Can you admit that you are great at giving advice to a friend in need, or to someone going through something like self esteem issues, but you don't use your own advice? I think you can. We all do it! Here are a few things to do for yourself that are simple, yet critical in just being a happy person all around thanks to you... Not anyone else.

1. Take your own advice. As I just mentioned, this is an important one. You do know the answer on how to handle things and people who are just trying to ruin your day, your thoughts, and your self worth. Do not let them have that. It's yours and yours to keep, and it is up to you whether or not to let them have it.

2. Be patient with yourself. Let go of your sense of urgency and fear. Relax and let yourself go from striving and fighting into thriving and trusting yourself. Do good work, good things for others and yourself, and you will see results.

3. This is going to sound cliche and obvious, but you need to read it. STOP comparing yourself to others. But not only just to save yourself from a never ending mind battle, but because you are only one person. And just because someone gets good results doing something, does not guarantee you the same results. You. Do. You. Stop trying to better yourself by looking at someone who is not you. It won't work. I promise.

4. Remember that everyone is going through stuff. Yes, this is actually very helpful in learning to love yourself. Why? Because it is important to know you are not the only one feeling like you are behind, lonely, and unsure of yourself. Everyone has good days and bad days. Don't let your bad day have an impact on someone else's day, and vice versa (remember the famous "treat yourself how you want to be treated"?)

5. Know your potential. Own it. Love yourself enough to believe in the opportunities available to you. Take action and create a beautiful life for yourself. You are the one in charge of your life, and it is up to you only to change it.

Be good to yourself. You are the only person on this earth you can not get away from so you might as well learn love yourself, or you have a long road ahead of you.

I hope this gives you a boost for this Monday (because who DOESN'T need a little something to get through a Monday?) and helps you make it through this week with a different outlook on yourself, life, and others. Love yourself, for yourself.


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