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10 Reasons to Wear Crown Jewels Extensions

Cheryl Whitt

Posted on June 30 2017

Red Headed girl wearing Copper Red Hair Extensions by Queen C hair


Girl wearing Copper Red Hair Extensions


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Even though it is one of our best-selling collections, you may not know all of the amazing things about our Crown Jewels Clip-In Extensions. Today, we want you to know more than just the obvious of why you will love Crown Jewels Extensions as much as we do!

1. Instant length, thickness, and volume

long Blonde Hair Extensions Reasons to love Crown Jewels Queen C Hair Extensions

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Not only is it fun picking your shade, you can also pick which length and weight you want your hair to be! You can choose between:

18 inches – 140 grams

20 inches – 180 grams

22 inches- 220 grams

Who says you can’t get exactly what you want when it comes to hair extensions?!

To learn more about “grams” Click Here

2. Some of our colors are exclusive, and you can’t find them anywhere else!

Chocolate Caramel Hair Extensions Reasons to love Crown Jewels Queen C Hair Extensions

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Several shades in our Crown Jewels Collection are exclusive to us only, which means the Queen hand-picked and designed these shades herself to make gorgeous colors available only at

3. Great price!

You can’t get this top quality for this great of price anywhere else! Your happiness is our number one priority, so keeping our prices to a minimum is just one of the ways we can show you our appreciation!

4.  You can get money off of your order, and even your next order!

Reasons to love Crown Jewels Queen C Hair Extensions Royalty Rewards

With our Royalty Reward system, you can get not only points off of your first purchase, but your next purchase as well! Want to know how it works? Click here to see all of the benefits of our Royalty Rewards!

5. All of our colors are multi-tonal

Reasons to love Crown Jewels Queen C Hair Extensions Chocolate Cherry Hair Extensions

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All of our colors are multi-tonal, meaning that even if your hair color is not the exact shade of the extensions, Queen C Hair Extensions blend well with your hair since our hair is designed with multiple tones of colors to give the most natural look possible.

6. We have blogs and tutorials for when you want to change up your style

Reasons to love Crown Jewels Queen C Hair Extensions Mocha Dark Brown Hair Extensions

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Tired of wearing your hair the same way all the time? With the Crown Jewels Clip-In Extensions, the style possibilities are endless. But one problem a lot of people face; some styles look a lot harder than they really are, so how do you get that cute bun, braid or waves?  Click here to view all of our tutorials.

7. High Quality 

Queen C Hair Extensions offer only the highest quality 100% remy human hair. We continually strive to provide you with great hair.  

8. No damage to your hair

Many hair extension companies offer extensions with metal clips which can snap your hair. And with nothing in between, there is no cushioning to protect your hair from the metal, which in turn can snap your hair also. All our extension collections have silicone infused clips and a silicone bar so you don’t have to worry about damage to your natural hair.

9. Easy to use

Our Crown Jewels come in a 10 piece set that is extremely easy to apply and style! After getting used to putting them in, it is a breeze and only takes minutes! We have provided the necessary tools to make it as easy as possible for you, even if it takes you a few times putting them in to get comfortable with them, it gets easier with your application! Click here to view how to put them in!

Reasons to love Crown Jewels Queen C Hair Extensions Girl Clipping in hair extensions

10. We’re always here to help

Whether you have a question, concern, idea, or even help picking a color, we are always here to help:



Phone: (615)674-1847


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