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Royalty Rewards

It is easier than you may think when it comes to earning points! Not only can you earn points when you make a purchase, you can earn points as a birthday gift from us! Let's break down how you can earn and spend your Royalty Rewards:


How to sign up for Royalty Rewards:

1. Click on the black "Royalty Rewards" button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click "Create Store Account".

3. Enter your first name, last name, email, birthday (optional), and create your password.


Earning Points:

Welcome Points: 

  • You will automatically receive 200 points when you sign up for Royalty Rewards


When You Place an Order:

  • 2 Royalty Reward Point for every $1 spent


  • Share on Facebook= 50 Points
  • Follow us on Instagram= 50 Points
  • Follow us on Twitter= 50 Points
  • Sharing on Twitter= 50 Points
  • Liking Page on Facebook= 50 Points



  • When you refer a friend = You get 200 Points, Friend Gets 5% off Coupon


  • 100 Points when it is your Birthday!



Spending Points:

$5.00 off Coupon: Costs 500 Royalty Reward Points

$10.00 off Coupon: Costs 1,000 Royalty Reward Points

$25.00 off Coupon: Costs 2,500 Royalty Reward Points