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10 Tricks Makeup Artists Don't Want You to Know About

Savannah Smiley

Posted on June 30 2017

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Makeup Artists are good at what they do for a reason. They make people look and feel beautiful. Talk about a rewarding job! Can you imagine watching people’s faces turn into disbelief and pure joy when they see themselves in a different way than what they are used to seeing that makes them feel their prettiest? We did some digging to find out some of their secret makeup tricks that we can all use at home to feel like a pro did our makeup every day.. Because I mean who doesn’t want to be More than a Princess?

1. Use a liquid foundation rather than a powder. Sometimes we think that using a powder foundation will make our complexion look softer and more flawless, but using a liquid foundation is actually a MUA’s (Makeup Artist) preference. Liquid lasts longer and is better matched to your skin tone, making it more natural looking.

2. Instead of using a dark liner on your lower lash line, use a white liner, and it will make your eyes appear bigger and more open!

3. Of course in order to prevent eyeshadow creasing in your eyelids, always use an eyeshadow primer. If you have a hard time blending in your eyeshadow, you can apply a small amount of translucent powder to your eyelid after your primer, but before the eyeshadow and it will be easier than ever to get that crease color to blend with your lid color!

4. Color Correction is Key. Foundation won’t always fix discoloration in your skin. It can only do so much! For darkness under your eyes, use a pink or orange based concealer to cancel out any dark under the eye. For redness, use a green based concealer. Your face will look like it belongs on the front of a magazine!

5. Don’t like the texture of your foundation? For thinner, lighter coverage foundation, add a little moisturizer into it before applying it to your face. Too thin? Try adding some loose powder to it (but not too much, or risk it caking)

6. To get the maximum curl out of your eyelash curler, heat it with either warm water or a blow dryer before using it.

7. Apply your eye makeup first! This may sound odd and out of order, but when you apply your eye makeup first, you set yourself up for a MUCH better makeup day! We all know that dreaded black-eye-look from where the excess eyeshadow fell under our eyes and smeared when we tried to fix it! This lets you clean up the excess without messing up your foundation in the process. I know. We hear your mind blowing from here. We are with you sister.

8. Can’t figure out how to get that perfect cat-eye eyeliner look? Find that business card in your wallet that you grabbed 8 months ago that you never thought you would actually have a reason to use, and work that thing! Hold it at an angle (the angle you want your liner to be) and start lining! The business card let’s you get that precise line without having to have a surgeon-like steady hand to get a good cat-eye going.

9. Buy travel-size mascaras instead of full size to get the most out of your money. Too often, by the time we get to the last little bit of our mascara tube, it is dry. And flaky. And not cute. Using travel-sized mascara is a fool-proof way to keep always fresh mascara.

10. Don’t have a good makeup day with a bad hair day! With all the time you saved with your new makeup artist-worthy tricks, you can have your hair looking good too! 

We hope you have a Royally pampered day -Our Royal Family

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