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Frenchies Collection

Frenchies Fabulous Flocked French Hairpins are flocked French hairpins that are uniquely designed to keep all hairstyles, buns, extensions and wigs in place! The secret? It’s all in the innovative coating! Frenchies are made from a traditional U shaped French hairpin and flocked with fiber coating, creating a high friction soft surface to hold the hair in place for extended periods of time.  

Soft to the touch, Frenchies hair pins are non –slip so they stay in place and do not slide out of hair and blend in with your hair color. Perfect for special occasions such as prom, weddings, dances and parties that require a fabulous hairstyle!

Designed to match with your natural hair color, Frenchies are available in 4 colors: blond, brown, red and black. The hairpins come in 2 sizes: LARGE and SMALL for various styles.

Each box has 20 pins; 10 large and 10 small pins

Frenchies are the perfect accessories/tools for Queen C Hair Extensions, as they hold all styles...even with the thickest set we have!


All Frenchies sales are final and are non-refundable and not eligible for exchange.