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3 Tips for Your Most Natural Looking Extensions

Cheryl Whitt

Posted on June 30 2017


Allee Sutton girl wearing blonde hair extensions from Queen C Hair

Girl wearing Balayage Ash Brown Ash Blonde Hair Extensions Before and After Hair Extensions

Balayage Ash Brown/Ash Blonde – 18″, 140 grams

Hello, beautiful!

More often than not, most of us are confined to a small number  of hairstyles that will “suit” our haircut or hairstyle. The reason? Usually because we simply do not have the right knowledge and access to tips and tricks for every day hair, much less for those of us with hair extensions.

All you need to make that beautiful transition into effortless, luxurious hair is a few tips and tricks that will make every head turn when you walk in the room!

Girl wearing long Blonde hair extensions

Crown Jewels Beach Blonde – 20″, 160 grams

  1. Tease Your Hair To Ensure Your Clips Won’t Move One problem a lot of women have is fine hair. Although our Queen C clip-ins all have a silicone backing to greatly assist in keeping your extensions secure in your hair, sometimes extremely fine hair just needs a little more TLC. A simple, fool-proof way to go one step further in making sure your clip-in extensions never move, is to tease the section of hair at the root that you are about to insert your clips . This will give the clips a little something extra to hold on to and make them wearable all day!
  2. “Marry Your Hair” One of the problems we run into when trying to make our hair extensions look natural is getting them to blend into our own hair, and it is truly easier than you may think! All you do is curl your extensions the way you like to do them, whether you curl them while in your hair or out of your hair being curled piece by piece. Put them in your hair and finish out your style by doing one last curl in sections around your hair by “marrying” your hair (Pick up some of your hair and some of your extensions and curl them together). This will create the most natural-looking style and no one will ever know the difference.
  3. Take Your Clip-Ins to a Stylist Who Has Experience With Extensions If you are  wanting the most natural look out of your extensions that is even more effortless when styling, take your clip-ins to a hair stylist who has experience cutting extensions and have them custom cut to your hair to blend even better with your natural hair.

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