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Selecting The Right Color For Your Extensions

Finding the right color for your Queen C Hair is an important part of the process of achieving a beautifully natural look. Take a good look at your hair in the daylight to get the most accurate color of your hair. As a guide, look at the bottom few inches of the TOP layers of your hair. This is the color that you want to choose for your extensions, and is usually lighter than the hair at the roots, therefore will be a better match since this will lay on top of the extensions. Low Lights can also be matched with the root area or the color of the hair at the nape for a contrast effect. 


If you are unsure on which color will match you, feel free to send us an email to or text us (615)674-1847 a photo of your hair taken in the natural sunlight, and we would love to assist you!

We also offer color ring swatches for purchase.  Click here to view.