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What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

Savannah Sneed

Posted on May 10 2019

Mothers have the best jobs in the world. But they also have the hardest job in the world. Caring for another human from birth is not a simple task, and not one to take lightly! But I must say- it is so rewarding knowing that you have raised a baby under your care, love, and supervision... talk about a super power!! So, from a mother’s perspective, this Mother’s Day, we are going to tell you what moms really want. 

Spa days are incredible. Manicures and pedicures are the Ultimate relaxation, massages are out of this world. We all love flowers… But since this day comes once a year (a day that is for moms and moms only) We may want something a little different.

We Really want:

To be appreciated...

It is hard doing what we do. Don’t get me wrong. It is our job to be the mother and to take care of our children. But on the other hand, it sure is nice to know that our hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. 

To have a day off...

When you cook, clean, support, and take care of your children and family 365 days a year, it is an absolute dream to have a day off. We do not get sick days, vacation days, or personal days. Our jobs as mothers are a 24/7 job. A day to have to ourselves (even if it is to absolutely waste the day sleeping-is a dream) 

To be understood...

We do not want anyone to feel burdened, but sometimes we feel as if our loved ones don’t truly know what a single day of being “Mom” truly involves. We do not want anyone to take on a hardship (life is hard enough), but we do want our loved ones to know how hard we really do work. 

To be loved...

As mothers, our lives change as soon as our children come into this world. Our lives go from us being independent, doing what we want when we want, to completely changing our world, to make the best we can for our children. We put in a lot of time, effort, and love. And all we want as Mothers is the same in return, and the acknowledgment knowing that we do a good job. 

So, we truly want to give a THANK YOU to all of you amazing Mother's!!  We hope you enjoy YOUR day and know you are appreciated!!


Send this to a friend, mother, grandmother, or anyone else who has a child or a child figure in their life to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. 


A Mother ❤️

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