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Tips to Get Your Hair in Shape for Fall

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Posted on June 30 2017

"Pumpkin Spice and everything nice". Yes, we are THAT excited for fall.

Tips on how to great your hair ready for Fall by Queen C Hair Extensions

There are many things we love about summer. The warm weather, the bright sun, swimming, and just staying outside. Although it is quite lovely, by the time fall comes back around, our hair is desperate for some TLC. There are so many reasons our hair can become dry and damaged in the summer from highlights, perms, straightening treatments, to chlorine from pools and the list goes on.

Balayage Copper Red Dirty Blonde Queen C Hair Extensions
Pictured: 18" - 140 grams Balayage Copper Red/Dirty Blonde 

Fall is the perfect time of year to take a break from damage caused by all of the elements of Summer. Today, we are going to give you some Fall tips on getting your hair back into shape!

1. Make the first step (and maybe even the most important) by going to your hairdresser and getting off any split ends. When you have split ends, you are not helping your hair by not getting it trimmed. Split ends travel up the hair shaft, and end up getting worse and worse. There is no possible way to get rid of split ends other than cutting them. 

2. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove buildup from hard water, hairspray, medications, and other hair products. Be careful not to use a clarifying shampoo too much, though! Overuse can result in drying out your hair and stripping your hair color.

3. Deep condition your hair once a week. Conditioning your hair with a deep treatment helps a variety of problems the summer sun can present to your hair. Deep conditioning promotes elasticity in your hair, prevents damage, promotes moisture, and adds shine and luster. Our favorite deep conditioner for not only our hair, but for Queen C Hair Extensions is..... Joico Luster Lock!!!! You can buy it here

4. Massage it! A  10 to 15 minute massage will increase the blood circulation in your scalp, speeding up new growth and will give you healthier hair in the long run, getting it ready for next summer!

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Have a Royally pampered day. -Our Royal Family


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