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This Valentine's Day is All About You

Savannah Sneed

Posted on January 30 2018

Valentine's Day is a great holiday and all... but not for everyone. Hate the hype? This year, we are dedicating Valentine's Day to YOU! When is the last time you did something for yourself? Treat yourself this year. Whether you are single or not, it is important to remember to love on yourself every once in a while.
Below is a list of things to pamper yourself with this Valentine's Day, so kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself!!
1. Take an epson salt bath
2. Make and apply a face mask (click here for 4 awesome recipes)
DIY face masks for your best skin blog beauty blog
3. TURN OFF THE PHONE (Even if it is just for a few hours)
4. Get a manicure
5. Make a homemade dinner
6. Light a candle 
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8. Go on a coffee date with yourself
9. Read a good book
10. Remember to love yourself

Have a Royally Pampered Valentine's Day! -Our Royal Family

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