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Laura Bell Bundy wearing Queen C Hair Extensions in People Magazine

"Bundy knew she wanted to wear a flower crown (hers is from Crown Collective) to add “a whimsical and vintage feel to the look.” So she parted her hair in the middle and styled it in pin waves by using Kadus hair products and Queen C hair clip in extensions for fullness and length."

Laura Bell Bundy wearing Queen C Hair Extensions.  Article in People Magazine online.  To read the full story click here. People Magazine Online. 



" We see quite a few hair extension booths at gifting suites through the year, but Queen C Hair makes the softest pieces we’ve ever felt. Made with 100% Remy Double Drawn human hair, Queen C uses a barely there custom designed silicon strip on the clips so once attached, a person’s hair doesn’t get damaged. They are also the most natural looking extensions, for they each have a unique multi-tonal color, so it easily blends in with your own natural hair. "

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-Red Carpet Report TV

This hair extension company wants to keep real hair beautiful, too, to give the wearers of their products a good base. So to that end, they were gifting special shampoo and conditioner. Alice read the package and said that people who use it will “be rewinding back to the luster their hair originally had before all the processing they put it through!” And that is the goal, isn’t it? "

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-Its Not About 

" Queen C Hair Extensions offers that long, flowing beautiful hair that you might not be able to create on your own. QUEEN C Hair Extensions are made with 100% Remy Double Drawn Human Hair providing you with amazing and natural look. "

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-LA Splash