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Crown Jewels Fitting Instructions

1.Using a rattail comb or your finger, create a horizontal (left to right) parting and section off the hair above this parting using a clip to keep it out of your way.

2. Make sure all clips on the hair are in the open position.

3. Attach the first weft as low or as high as you need depending on where you want the most volume. If you need extra security, slightly tease a small section of your natural hair at the root, and then slide the clip into the teasing then snap closed.

4. Make sure the weft lies flat against the scalp and feels secure. If you feel a gap or loose clip, adjust by snapping open the clips and repositioning them. Check for this after each weft is attached.

5. Follow up the head in the same manner, spacing approximately 1" between sections.

6. On all wefts with more than 2 clips, snap middle clip in first to secure placement.

7. Use a mirror to make sure no visible wefts are showing.


-When styling, use a flat iron over the top layer of your hair or any place where your natural hair and the extensions meet to achieve perfect blend

-Teasing the hair above the weft can also help hide the weft.

-Take your extensions to a professional hair stylist that has experience with extensions have them blend them int your natural hair.