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How to Shampoo Your Queen C Hair Extensions with Beauty & Pin-Ups "Lavish"

-Start by brushing out 2-3 wefts at a time with the Queen C Detangler Brush

-Turn on the water to warm (not too hot)

-Saturate the hair with water until it is completely wet

-Dispense a few pumps of Beauty & Pin-Ups "Lavish" and gently work it throughout all of the hair 

-Rinse thoroughly

-Wring out all excess water with your hand

-Set the clean wefts to the side on a towel

-Repeat with all of the wefts

-Spray Beauty & Pin-Ups "Luxe" leave-in conditioner on all of the hair

-With your fingers, gently comb out each piece 

-Lay flat on a towel and leave overnight to dry