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Makeup Tricks For Women Over 40

Do you ever see a 20-something who always seems to have her makeup done perfectly every time you see her and when you attempt it, you seem to feel diminished rather than enhanced? Everyone's skin changes throughout the years, and sometimes you just have to out-do mother nature by changing your makeup techniques as your skin changes. We have put together some of the most helpful and useful makeup tricks for women over 40 that will make you feel fresh, enhanced, and radiant. Enjoy!

Invest in a good moisturizer. If you have dry skin, using a high quality moisturizer is the best way to revive the radiance of your skin amd reduce dark spots and fine lines. This is the first step, and maybe even the most crucial step towards enhancing the appearance of your skin. Heavy cream-based moisturizer would be your best friend should your skin be dry and lacking the moisture that it needs. Go for a water-based moisturizer if your skin is on the oily/combination side. The best time to apply moisturizer is right when you get out of the shower, since your pores will still be open and the moisturizer can penetrate deeper into your skin. When you feel like the moisturizer has made it's way into your skin, you can apply your makeup.

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Choosing the right foundation. Several high end and drugstore brands have come up with foundations formulated specifically for mature skin types. These liquid foundations are packed with anti-aging ingredients and make a great choice for women struggling with fine lines, dark spots, patchy skin, and uneven skin tone. Consider yellows and golds the universal foundation undertones of youth. They are warming colors, giving the skin a brighter, more youthful appearance. We recommend you choose liquid foundations over creams and powders as cream foundation can be too heavy and settle into your fine lines, giving  your skin the appearance of deep wrinkles and aged skin.


Hide your dark circles. Did you know that the skin under our eyes is three times thinner than the rest of our face? It is only natural to get dark circles, fine lines, and bags under out eyes as we get older. But, using an under eye cream regularly can smooth out the fine lines and diminish dark circles. In return, this can make your entire face look refreshed and brighter.

Highlight more than just a good book. Our face develops hollowness with every passing year. So how do you make your cheeks look full and plump again? Try using blush with floral shades to enhance this facial feature that is still beautiful. A blush well applied lends an incredible color to the face making it look fresh and youthful.

Eyebrows can change your life. If you have not been shown the world of "eyebrow game" by the millennium in your life, I am about to change the way you look makeup forever. In my opinion, your makeup is not complete without filling in your eyebrows. Why? Thin eyebrows can add years to your face. You may be thinking, "Well, what if my eyebrows are thin naturally?". You can use an eyebrow pencil, brush, wand, and many other things to fill in the void. There are just as many products for your eyebrows on the market now as lipsticks, mascaras, etc. so there is no longer a hunt for the perfect product for your eyebrows. For penciling them in, I would suggest going with a color that is one shade lighter than your eyebrows. If your problem is that your eyebrows are just too light, I would recommend using one shade darker. With a little practice and our saving grace, YouTube tutorials, you can make your face appear slimmer, more defined, and even more youthful with this one simple step.

Easy on the powder. Some women think powder is to be put all over your face, and some think it is a faux paux in the world of cosmetics. Powder is only a mistake when you make your whole face shine-free. You want a little dewiness in your face. If you take it all away, you are taking the radiance of your skin with it. Apply your powder only to the nose, forehead, and chin. Avoid areas like the cheeks, and the under eye area (where it can cake and settle into fine lines)

Sun damage...who now regrets those baby oil and iodine-filled sunny days? Chances are, you weren't always an avid sunscreen user and now you've got the sun spots to prove it. If you do not want to splurge on a pricey laser treatment, try this makeup magic trick:

  1. Use your finger or a concealer brush to cover each spot with a yellow-based concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone.
  2. Pat, don't rub your regular foundation over the spots, blending it beyond the edges of each one. Set it with a loose translucent powder.

Eye of the tiger. Although tigers are beautiful, sporting stripes like theirs is not a fashionable look. Instead of using your traditional pencil eyeliner, which can create "stripes" where your eyes should be defined and look even more beautiful, try out a cream eyeliner with a brush or a gel eyeliner since they go on smoother and do not look as harsh if used correctly.

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Embrace your skin. You are still beautiful, still classic, and most importantly, still you. Embrace your skin and the changes that will naturally occur. Everything about you is what makes you you. It is never to late to be More than a Princess.


We hope you enjoy the tips in this article and are able to use some of these the next time you get ready to take on your day.


Is there something you want to know more about or want us to write about next, just leave a comment below! Have a Royally pampered day. -Our Royal Family