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Care and Tips


It’s time to embrace your inner royalty, in a matter of minutes you can transform your everyday look and go from being a princess to a Queen.

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1. Treat Queen C Hair as if it is your own hair.

2. Always use a heat protectant. When applying heat, remember that it is 100% human hair, and like your own hair, over heating can cause damage whether it's from a blowdryer, curling iron, or flat iron. Using heat protectant is a simple step that will prevent breakage and keep your Queen C Hair looking great a lot longer.

3. NEVER go to bed with Queen C Hair in.

4. Remove Queen C Hair before showering and swimming.

5. Store hair in the Queen C Extensions Storage Case, hang the case in your closet. If you do not have the Storage Case, lay them flat to prevent tangling. Remember that all hair (your hair and/or extensions) will naturally tangle. To prevent this, always have a Queen C Extension Brush on hand and brush the hair 2-3 times a day. Tangling in the underneath is more common due to friction from your natural hair and the extensions rubbing together.

6. When you take out your Queen C Hair, hold all extensions in your hand and wrap a hairband around the top just below the clips and brush each piece from bottom to top.

7. Like our hair, extensions also shed and get split ends. Although they are attached to a weft, shedding is to be expected. Split ends may need to be trimmed .5 to 1inch every 8 weeks.
8. If you color your Queen C Hair, it will shorten the life of the extensions.

9. When shampooing Queen C Hair, remove from head and hold all the extensions together and wrap a hairband around the top just below the clips. Hold the hair extensions and place shampoo in hand, gently shampoo without using a scrubbing motion. Rinse, follow with conditioner using this same method. Rinse, spray with a leave-in conditioning treatment and run your fingers though the hair then lay them flat to air dry completely. It is recommended to wash weekly or biweekly.

10. Never brush Queen C Hair while wet.