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The Hair-Growth Supplement That Trumps All Others

Just like our health, if we do not take care of our hair, we can and probably will pay for it at some point in the future. Some things we can not control, and some are up to us to fix and bring back to health. This revolutionary product helps some things we can and some that we can't control, and brings your hair back to life from the inside out. Viviscal is a company that has put over 25 years into their research, making it the most researched hair-growth supplement you can find. Viviscal's formula is supported by not just a few, but seven clinical studies!


Let's start by understanding what can cause you to lose your hair.

Reasons for hair-loss/ excessive shedding:

Hormonal changes- Women can experience problems with their hair due to a hormone imbalance and increased sensitivity to the male hormones found naturally in women's bodies.

Post-Pregnancy- It is quite common for women to experience hair-thinning or even bald patches postpartum as their hormone levels normalize. (Please note: It is not recommend that women take Viviscal Hair Vitamins during pregnancy or breastfeeding)

Age- In our 20s and 30s, we typically have 615 hair follicles per square centimeter. The number falls to 485 by the time we turn 50, and to 435 by the age of 80. Each hair also becomes thinner, in turn, reducing hair volume.

Stress- In the face of everyday stress, the adrenal gland produces more adrenaline, which can lead to an increase in the production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If you do not have enough other hormones to counterbalance this, it can lead to hair not being as healthy as it should be.

Poor Diet- A diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals is essential for healthy hair and healthy hair growth. The hair follicle is a non essential tissue and therefore, one of the last tissues to receive nutritional substances. Any long-term deficiencies may lead to premature hair-loss.

Overstyling- Excessive use of aerosol sprays, hair dyes, hot irons or curlers may result in damaged hair in the long-term. Men and women who find that their healthy hair is being affected may want to reconsider the products that they're using on their hair and scalp, and consider other nutritional supplements and healthier styling methods.

Smoking- Smoking can affect healthy hair growth. Cigarette smoking has been shown to cause poor circulation, which can affect the amount of blood flow available to the hair follicles of the scalp.

The next thing you want to take into consideration is the growth cycle of your hair.

Jennifer Anniston on Viviscal, When it comes to supplements, she says, “I’ve got a healthy bag of vitamins I take three times a day, like Viviscal and your basic omegas and vitamin C. Good stuff.”

Hair Growth Cycle

Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through four stages; Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Exogen. Over time, the length of the Anagen phase decreases, therefore, the hair may become weaker and thinner after each cycle. (Who would have thought your hair went through literal growth spurts?!)

Anagen Phase:  (AKA "The Growth Phase") The Anagen phase is the period of time in which your hair is growing, which is normally 2-7 years.

Catagen Phase: (AKA "The Regression Phase") This is when the hair follicle shrinks and detatches from the dermal papilla, which is normally about a 10 day process.

Telogen Phase: (AKA " The Resting Phase") The resting phase lasts around three months, and 10-15% of your hairs are currently in this phase. While the old hair is resting, a new hair begins the growth phase.

Exogen Phase: (AKA "The Shedding Phase") Exogen represents the period from when a resting hair reaches it's terminal position in the follicle to when it finally detaches (sheds). The resting hair is gradually loosened, resulting in the shedding of the hair.

The body naturally sheds around 100 hairs a day as a part of normal daily hair-loss.  One of the best secrets to hair growth, thickness and shine lies within the body. If you provide your body with the nutrients it needs, it will grow thicker hair on it's own. On the contrary, poor nutrition weakens hair and prematurely pushes out growing hairs, resulting in thinning, dull, or shedding hair. Key nutrients are proteins, iron, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B

And finally, how this miracle hair supplement works!


How Viviscal Works:

Viviscal Dietary Supplements nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within. Everyday stress, age, diet, and hormonal imbalances can all impact the health of your hair and lead to breakage and excess shedding. Therefore it is important to ensure that the hair and scalp are healthy, conditioned, and nourished to maintain the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements nourish hair follicles from within in four stages. Users may notice a difference in their hair in as little as 3 or 4 months. Here are the stages of which Viviscal works:

Stage 1: Nourishes hair follicles from within

Stage 2: Strengthens and promotes the growth of existing hair

Stage 3: Promotes the growth of hair that has slowed or has stopped growing

Stage 4: Hair is noticeably stronger, healthier and more vibrant


Viviscal Professional is a clinically proven formula and 100% Drug Free. This is the strongest Viviscal on the market with 28% more of the active ingredient compared to extra strength. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!



Just a few of the many celebrities who endorse Visviscal include, clockwise from top left, Cynthia Nixon, Kate Hudson, Emily Maynard, Tabatha Coffey, Selma Blair, and Reese Witherspoon., Photographs by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images for Benefit Cosmetics (Maynard), from (all others)

Do you have any suggestions on keeping your hair healthy, or tips for growing it think and long? Comment below, and your suggestion/tip may just be featured in our next blog!


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