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What is the difference between 140g, 180g & 220g extensions?

All Queen C Hair Extensions are made of the same high quality grade 100% Human Remy Hair. The only difference between each set is the weight.

Our 140 gram set is most suitable for medium hair types. This set is also great if you are looking to add length and some volume to your hair.
Total Pieces- 10: 1 x 8” weft, 1 x 7" weft, 2 x 6” wefts, 2 x 4”wefts, 4 x 1” wefts

Our 180 gram set is suitable for medium to thicker hair types. It is great for added length and volume. 
Total Pieces- 10: 1 x 8” weft, 1 x 7" weft, 2 x 6” wefts, 2 x 4”wefts, 4 x 1” wefts

Our 220 gram set is our biggest set and is perfect for thicker hair types or if you are looking for that extra volume.
Total Pieces- 10: 1 x 8” weft, 1 x 7" weft, 2 x 6” wefts, 2 x 4”wefts, 4 x 1” wefts

Can I shampoo my Queen C Hair Extensions?

Of course! Although, try staying away from shampoos with sulfates in them and use deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners. Always use heat protectants to lengthen the life of your Queen C Hair! 

How often do I shampoo my Queen C Hair Extensions?

ONLY shampoo your Queen C Hair extensions when they look like they absolutely need it! Since they are not attached to your scalp, they don't get the natural oils like our own hair does. So there is no need to shampoo them as often as you do your own hair.

How do I shampoo my Queen C Hair Extensions?

Here, we have provided a video tutorial on how to shampoo your Queen C Hair.

What is REMY hair?

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, and silky throughout its lifetime.
Queen C Hair Extensions use only the finest quality Remy Human Hair, which means that the hair has been carefully sorted after collecting from the hair donor to ensure all the cuticles are of the same length. It is the best quality of clip-in human hair extensions on the market because of the care that is required and the time it takes to sort the hair so carefully and diligently.

Do you have a return policy or an exchange policy?

You can exchange or refund your order within 30 days as long as it has not been worn or removed from its security seal or from the main package, and as long as the security seal remains in tact. If it is not, we can not accept the return or exchange. Please check out our Return Policy and Exchange Policy at the bottom of the checkout page for more details.

Why is my payment not going through?

At checkout, make sure that all of your personal information matches the exact information (name, address, etc) associated with your credit card. If some information does not match, the transaction will not go through. If you are still unsure, please call your credit card company to see what information they have on file.

Can I color my Queen C Hair Extensions?

Although Queen C Extensions have undergone a chemical process to be able to acquire its current color, we recommend you do not color them, as this will shorten the life of your extensions.  We also highly recommend that you do not lighten them, because that will require bleach and just like on our natural hair, bleach can be very damaging and will shorten the life of the extensions.

 How do I put in Queen C Hair Extensions?

Queen C Hair Extensions are easier to put in your hair than you may think! To read how to put Crown Jewels extensions in, click here. To read how to put AIRess extensions in, click here. We have provided both the Crown Jewels and AIRess Tutorials below:

How do I know which color to choose?

If you are unsure on which color will match you, feel free to send us an email to or text us (615)674-1847 a photo of your hair taken in the natural sunlight, and we would love to assist you!

How long will my Queen C Hair Extensions last?

The lifespan of Queen C Hair Extensions is determined by how well they are taken care of, what products get used on them, and how often they are worn. Typically, the lifespan of Queen C Hair Extensions is about 4 months or more, depending on the care they receive. 

What are Royalty Rewards?

'Royalty Rewards' is our point system that allows you to earn and spend points to get money off of your next purchase! Even before your fist purchase, you can accumulate enough points to get $5.00 off when you decide to buy! Find out more about Royalty Rewards HERE!